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77 Diamonds Director of Operations

    What services do we offer?

    Digital Strategy

    We collaborate with you to build a performance marketing strategy that is aligned to smart and achievable objectives.

    Digital Advertising

    We deliver campaigns across all the key platforms such as Google Ads and Meta, as well as emerging platforms like TikTok.

    Performance Creative

    We create 'thumb stopping' creative assets for use across all of the performance marketing platforms and formats.

    Data Engineering

    We capture, curate and organise the most relevant data for your performance marketing, using it for analysis and activation.

    Custom Technology

    We build bespoke technology that allows you to take full advantage of the ad platforms capabilities.

    Our promise

    To deliver the best service you've ever had

    We take it so seriously that every member of the team signs a client charter committing to this promise.

    How do we do it?

    Business First Thinking

    Our teams ultimate goal is in driving the metrics that really matter to the business. No fluff, just focus.

    Expert Knowledge

    Our depth of knowledge means that no-one understands how to take advantage of platform algorithms better than we do.

    Agile Resourcing

    Different challenges require different skills. That's why all of our clients have access to our entire roster of specialists.

    Flexible Model

    Our model is built to evolve with your business and allocate agency resources where they will add the most value.

    Accessible Technology

    All of our clients have access to our custom tech service that will design solutions to elevate your performance marketing.

    If you're not satisfied, you don't pay

    When we say that we are obsessed with delivering the best performance marketing service in the industry, we really mean it.

    Satisfaction with service
    Agency Fees Paid

    Smarter technology, at no extra cost

    Delivering the best performance marketing service means having the right tools for the job. That’s why our clients have access to the Propel Launchpad technology service.

    Data Visualization

    Relevant, consistent and reliable reporting combining all of your most relevant information in one place.

    Health Monitors

    An early warning system that keeps us keep on top of emerging trends in both marketing and business data.

    Task Automation

    Our tech to do the heavy lifting, allowing us to unlock our teams time for value generating activities.

    Offline Tracking

    We specialise in facilitating the collection &ingestion of offline sales data into advertising platforms.

    Trigger Signals

    We automate activity to react to signals that impact your business, such as market pricing & weather.

    Say hello to the leadership team

    Rob Simpkins

    Rob has over 9 years in the industry, leading agency engagements with global brands and one of the largest in-house UK digital marketing teams.

    Jack Gossington

    Jack has spent the last 7 years creating technical, data-led solutions for a variety of highly complex client challenges within the digital space.

    Joe Boon
    Head of Growth

    Joe has spent over 8 years in the industry, crafting strategic agency solutions for brands across a multitude of different verticals.

    Simon Norris
    Non-Exec Director

    Simon has been in the industry for 20 years . He co-founded Periscopix, a leading UK independent agency until purchased by Merkle in 2015.

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