Scaling profitably shouldn’t be hard workWe provide cutting edge performance marketing for brands with complex challenges. Our teams and tech deliver or you get your money back.

Powering success for leading retailers
165% increase in MQL's
“A really responsive, high-level, intelligent group to work with. I couldn't recommend them any more.”Deb Smith, VP of International Marketing

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Paid Search
Capture demand across all the major search engines with paid ads.
Elevate your brand and generate demand across social media.
Tap into the knowledge of our experienced teams to create a winning strategy.
Create your marketing data warehouse and lay the foundations to success.
Track all sessions, users and engagement across your website and app.
Reliably track all the important conversion goals that fuel your campaigns.
Make better decisions and improve performance with automated dashboards.
Take the heavy lifting out of retail automation from pricing to replenishment.
Improve the efficiency of your campaigns and operations with automation.
Feeds are the beating heart of retail campaigns – setup to succeed.
Add a safety net to your campaigns to minimise the risk of things going wrong.
Collaborate on a content strategy to find your winning ads on paid social.
Visualise your ads alongside the key performance data to see what is winning.
Static, carousel, video and everything in between – optimised for success.
Tap into our creator networks to find influencers that will promote your brand.
Ditch boring ads and bring your products to life with engaging dynamic templates.
Create conversion-focused landing pages that generate incremental revenue.

It works, ask our clients

Everything from social media to search enginesWe utilise leading platforms to drive your success. Our platform expertise get results.
Expanding your reach with our partnersOur network of trusted partners brings a wider range of expertise to support your marketing goals.

OUR UNIQUE EDGEPropel Launchpad

Our unique toolkit has been designed to help clients access, analyse and drive actions on massively impactful data points.
Product Availability TrackerTracks changes in product variant availability & the impact on performance.
Competitor Price TrackerTracks competitor pricing benchmarks against your own product pricing.
Dynamic Creative CustomiserDynamic and scalable creative builder for use across remarketing.
Trends TrackerTrack search trends across categories and receive alerts on changing demand.
Over 20 ScriptsA library of scripts to help support optimisation and best practice.
IN GOOD COMPANYMeet the brands we work with
Get your free growth strategyWhether you’re looking to scale your existing activity or striving to generate more efficient returns, our roadmap will show you the way.
PROPEL DIGITALA team that knows how to deliver results
We believe in specialised skills, stellar performance and a team of passionate and dedicated individuals with unique skillsets. Our pledge is to provide the best service for any of your marketing, data or automation needs.
We take it so seriously that every member of our teams signs a client charter committing to this promise.
Our Work
+33% ROI
Breaking Down Data Silos to Connect Ecommerce & Marketing with Sigma Sports
41% Uplift in consideration
Working Together to Drive Consideration with tonies®
159% Increase in non-UK revenue
Complex Buying Journeys & International Growth with 77 Diamonds
What happens when you decide to work with us
We do a deep-dive into your business, customer and campaign data to generate all the insight we need to develop the best plan for your PPC campaigns.
Maturity Assessment
We’ll assess the maturity of your ad account setup to determine where the gaps are, and what the biggest opportunities are to generate gains.
Roadmap Development
We create a 90-day plan that details all the projects we’ll work on, prioritised according to the impact they’ll have on your profit, and ease of implementing.
Quick Wins
More often than not there are some quick performance gains to be realised, and we focus on implementing these first, so you start to benefit immediately.
Strategic Initiatives
We then get to work on implementing longer term projects that improve the maturity of your advertising, and increase campaign efficiency.
Taking the bold step to switch agencies is riskyWe’re so confident you won’t regret it, we offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the first 3-months of service.