Case Study

Optimising for offline with 77 Diamonds

77 Diamonds is a client that specialises in the luxury jewellery space. Their particular focus is on highly bespoke diamonds engagement rings.

The challenge

The approach

Our solution needed to be considerate off the context of the sales cycle and hinged on unlocking automation to help them drive more value from the performance channels.

+ %
in overall marketing ROAS

Increased effectiveness

Our approach generated an uplift in marketing spend efficiency across their paid search channels. This was measured in end sales revenue.

+ %
in overall business growth

Holistic growth

The changes in strategy had a positive effective across the entire sales chain, creating efficiencies in the sales process and positive impact across the business.

years in partnership

Trusted partnership

77 Diamond's have been with us since the early days of the agency and we're fully embedded as an extension of their marketing capability.

“A vital arm to our marketing department…we completely trust them to oversee our performance marketing strategy.”

Vadim Weinig 77 Diamonds, Director of Operations

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