Case Study

Automating Account Management
with Abcam

Abcam is the leading provider of protein research tools and supplies to life scientists.

The challenge

The approach

Our solution was to build a collection of custom tools that would help to do the heavy lifting on laborious manual tasks and allow Abcam to invest time and resources elsewhere.

FTEs saved annually in workload

Increased investment

Our approach saved the client a significant amount of time, on a monthly basis. This allowed them to improve the fully loaded ROI of the agency partnership significantly.

+ %
improvement in ROAS

Increased efficiency

The automation of the various granular optimisation tasks helped to drive a significant improvement in the efficiency of the accounts.

+ %
uplift in Sales

Greater returns

By automating the import of offline sales data, we had more data available to guide our optimisation at a significantly faster rate, and led to greater returns.

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