Case Study

Live Odds in Creative
with William Hill

William Hill is a gambling brand with services including sports betting, online casino, online poker, and online bingo.

The challenge

The approach

Our solution was to build a custom tool that connected with the William Hill site API that would allow us to update ad copy in real time.

+ %
improvement in Clickthrough Rate

Increased interest

Inserting live and up to date offers translated into greater interest and engagement for searchers. This generated an uplift in traffic directed through to the site.

- %
reduction in Cost Per Click

Reduced costs

The improvements in clickthrough rate helped to improve quality score, which in turn helped us to reduce the average cost per click captured through our search.

+ %
improvement in Conversion Rate

Greater returns

Not only did we managed to generate more traffic to site, we also managed to convert that traffic at an improved rate by consistently promoting the best odds.

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