Case Study

Dynamic Course Coverage
with Future Learn

Future LearnĀ is a global learning platform that delivers top online courses from the world's leading universities and brands

The challenge

The approach

Our approach was to build a solution that would enable us to provide coverage across all courses, with specific search coverage that would automatically turn campaigns on and off based on start dates.

+ %
over Target Enrolments

Exceeded targets

Providing coverage across all courses allowed us to maximise our demand capture, allowing us to achieve well over the target enrolments given to us by the business.

- %
reduction in Cost Per Enrolment

Reduced costs

The automated inventory management and DSA approach helped us to drive a cost per enrolment that was well under target and an improvement on previous performance.

under budgets to hit target

Budget savings

We managed to exceed our targets and also come in under the budget that we had been set for our activity. We were able to reinvest this budget in test & learn activity.

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