Case Study

Data Driven Lead Qualification
with Iwoca

Iwoca is an independent company that provides straight forward access to finance to small companies.

The challenge

The approach

Our solution was to bid on broader search terms that carried less relevance, but were much cheaper. We would counteract the lack of relevance by encouraging the algorithms to look for better quality leads.

+ %
investment in Paid Search Budget

Increased investment

We secured a year-on-year increase in budgets, based on our successes in finding new areas of the search space where we could compete effectively.

+ %
improvement in ROAS

Increased efficiency

We managed to improve ROAS even with an increased budget. We achieved the rare mix of scaling growth whilst also improving budget efficiency.

+ %
growth in Profit

Greater returns

Not only did our approach allow us to drive growth and efficiency, but also to increase the % of approved loans and drive a growth in profit.

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