Case Study

Sales Driving Countdown Ads
with Leith's Online

Leiths School of Food and Wine is an award winning UK cookery school offering a world class professional program.

The challenge

The approach

Our solution was to build a tool that would allow us to countdown the number of places left on the course, to drive urgency, and to pause activity when the course was complete.

+ %
improvement in Clickthrough Rate

Increased interest

Inserting live information on course dates and spaces translated into greater interest and engagement. This generated an uplift in traffic directed through to the site.

+ %
increase in Conversion Rate

Increased bookings

The emphasise on urgency and scarcity also helped to drive an improvement in conversion rate, encourage visitors to book now rather than risk losing their place.

- %
decrease in Cost Per Booking

Increased efficiency

All of these positive effects helped to drive an overall improvement in budget efficiency, helping us to capture more bookings at a reduced campaign cost.

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