Case Study

Product Availability Optimisation
with Sigma Sports

Sigma Sports is a UK-based retail client specialising in bicycles, cycling apparel and triathlon gear.

The challenge

The approach

Our solution was to utilise our technology to track changes in product availability, and automatically adjust Sigma's Google Shopping campaigns to prioritise products with good stock levels on all sizes.

- %
reduction in Bounce Rate

Sustained interest

By focusing on products with availability across the full range of sizes, we managed to keep customers on site and prevent them being put off by limited stock.

+ %
improvement in Conversion Rate

More sales

The prioritisation of well-stocked products made our campaigns more relevant to a wider customer base and able to capitalise on demand for stock.

+ %
growth in ROAS

Greater returns

The improvements in conversion rate helped us to dramatically improve the overall spend efficiency of the Google Shopping campaigns.

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