Optimising for Offline with 77 Diamonds

+25%Overall marketing ROAS
77 Diamonds is a brand that specialises in the luxury jewellery space. Their particular focus is on highly bespoke diamond engagement rings.
November 16, 2022
Team members involved
Rob SimpkinsCo-Founder / Head of Service
Stef SimpsonSenior Performance Consultant
Anna SwordsSenior Paid Social Consultant

The Challenge

Lengthy Purchase CycleEngagement rings are a high cost and highly emotional purchase, therefore, the consideration process is understandably lengthy. 77 Diamonds needed a partner who understood this, and could tailor media to play effective roles throughout the purchase journey.
Offline Sales ProcessThe most typical sales process would result in the potential customer liaising offline, either via phone or in-person in the storeroom, before committing to a final purchase. This meant that the vital KPI, the sale, was happening outside the visibility of the platforms.
Failure to AutomateThe lack of effective tracking of offline sales meant that 77 Diamonds struggled from a data scarcity issue. They didn't have enough relevant data to make automated bidding viable, and therefore, were missing out on one of the most powerful platform tools available.

The ApproachOur solution needed to be considerate of the context of the sales cycle and hinged on unlocking automation to help them drive more value from the performance channels.

Weighted Micro golas
Working with 77 Diamonds internal sales team, we built a view of the importance of each goal and interaction across the site that could be tracked. We then weighted these based on their importance in the sales process and the role they had in a propensity to convert.
Automation Roll Out
By tracking multiple micro goals, we overcame the data scarcity that had previously prevented the use of automated bidding in paid search. The weighting method made sure that the automated bidding optimised to as close to end value as possible.
Offline Data Import
Whilst there was too much of a delay lag in using offline sales for automation, we still supported 77 Diamonds in importing offline sales data into the advertising engines so that we could compare our proxied data set against real sales and make sure the two correlated.

The Results

Overall marketing ROAS
+25%Increased effectiveness
Our approach generated an uplift in marketing spend efficiency across their paid search channels. This was measured in end sales revenue.
Overall business growth
+22%Holistic growth
The changes in strategy had a positive effect across the entire sales chain, creating efficiencies in the sales process and positive impacts across the business.
Years in partnership
3+Trusted partnership
77 Diamonds have been with us since the early days of the agency, and we’re fully embedded as an extension of their marketing capability.
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