Product Availability Optimisation with Sigma Sports

+38%Growth in ROAS
Sigma Sports is a UK-based retail client specialising in bicycles, cycling apparel and triathlon gear.
June 13, 2023
Team members involved
Rob SimpkinsCo-Founder / Head of Service
Stef SimpsonSenior Performance Consultant
Anna SwordsSenior Paid Social Consultant

The Challenge

Fluctuating Shopping ResultsAs with most ecommerce retailers, Google Shopping campaigns are a huge component of Sigma Sport's paid search strategy. We found that certain product categories within their Shopping campaigns would wildly fluctuate on conversion rate, seemingly out of nowhere.
Limited Size AvailabilityWe found that a number of the most popular, and therefore most commonly served products within Google Shopping, were often running out of stock across the most popular sizes (S, M & L). Whenever this happened, performance for that product would fall dramatically.
Failure to Prioritise ProductsWe found that across the Google Shopping accounts, campaign performance was regularly impacted by similar issues in size availability for products with significant search demand. The existing campaigns failed to deprioritise these products in favour of alternatives with healthier stock.

The ApproachOur solution was to utilise our technology to track changes in product availability, and automatically adjust Sigma's Google Shopping campaigns to prioritise products with good stock levels on all sizes.

SKU Data Collection
Using our availability tracker, we captured SKU level data across the entirety of Sigma Sport’s apparel category on a daily basis. This data was captured and passed onto a Google Cloud instance for storage. The data was then visualised in a custom Looker dashboard.
Availability Analysis
The new availability report allowed us to track size availability for every apparel product across the inventory. From this, we could recognise when sizes had run out of stock and, more importantly, the impact it was having on the products’ conversion rate.
Product Labelling
Our analysis meant that we could confidently adjust product prioritisation based on size availability. Using the availability data, we auto-labelled products with poor stock levels and automatically moved them into lower priority campaigns.

The Results

Growth in ROAS
+38%Greater returns
The improvements in conversion rate helped us to dramatically improve the overall spend efficiency of the Google Shopping campaigns.
Reduction in Bounce Rate
-31%Sustained interest
By focusing on products with availability across the full range of sizes, we managed to keep customers on site and prevent them being put off by limited stock.
Improvement in Conversion Rate
+24%More sales
The prioritisation of well-stocked products made our campaigns more relevant to a wider customer base and able to capitalise on demand for stock.
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