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Google Ads Anomaly Monitoring Tool
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 This free script allows you to track the abrupt changes in performance metrics and ping automated email alerts when they happen.

Jack Gossington

Jack Gossington

Head of Technology, Founder



We’ve developed a simple (but great) Google Ads script that helps you keep on top of any major changes in performance. The script will look at impressions, clicks, cost or conversions for yesterday, and then compare to the same day last week. If the change is above a pre-determined threshold that you select, the script will send you an email alerting you of the change.

This has been super useful in the past in highlighting changes in search behaviour and significant swings from changes made in the accounts. Everyone who works in the paid search space has been bitten by unnoticed changes in performance in the past. With this free script you can sleep easy knowing you have another layer of security to highlight anything you might need to investigate.

Want to access the free script?


To download the free script, just head to the request form here and you can download the script for free. There are implementation instructions included in the document that holds the script code, but if you have any issues just let us know.

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