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Performance Max Reporting Script
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 This free script allows you to view spend breakdown of Google Performance Max campaigns by placement and product.

Jack Gossington

Jack Gossington

Head of Technology, Founder



We’ve seen some great Performance Max reporting scripts across LinkedIn recently which highlight exactly what Performance Max is spending our advertising budget on. At Propel Digital, we like the freedom of being able to create our own charts and graphs, therefore we’ve created a simple and easy to implement script that outputs the raw spend breakdown data into a Google sheet.

The script has two different functionalities that we’ve found useful in our reporting:

• Media mix report  that highlights the different spend across various channel placements
• Product report that dumps Shopping product data (annoyingly this isn’t usually downloadable from the UI)

Want to access the free script?


To download the free script, just head to the request form here and you can download the script for free. There are implementation instructions included in the document that holds the script code, but if you have any issues just let us know.

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