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 This free script allows you to track the difference in price between your products and the average price in the market for 10 SKUs.

Jack Gossington

Jack Gossington

Head of Technology, Founder



I’m excited to share something I’ve been working on in the last month. Here’s a Google Ads script that helps track your product prices against benchmark prices supplied in Merchant Center whilst also mapping performance data alongside.

We’ve found that pricing is something often ignored in Google Ads Shopping strategies, despite being the number one cause for CvR changes. For example the graph below shows how the relationship between price and benchmark price has an impact on revenue (this is real data).

A few things to note with the script:


  • To get benchmark price you’ll need to enable the Market Insights within MC – this can be found in Growth > Price competitiveness
  • The script will only pull today’s price and benchmark and is not able to backdate, therefore schedule the script to run daily and you will see the data begin to populate over a couple of weeks
  • The max number of products is 5 – we have a solution that collects the data for millions of products however isn’t a Google script unfortunately – get in touch if you’re interested in more products
  • If you want a Google sheet that automatically makes the graph below, feel free to make a copy of this sheet and get the script to paste the data into the “data” tab.

Want to access the free script?


To download the free script, just head to the request form here and you can download the script for free. There are implementation instructions included in the document that holds the script code, but if you have any issues just let us know.

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