Our Exclusive Black Friday Hourly Reporting Script Download

Boost your productivity: say goodbye to manual reporting and embrace automated hourly data retrieval for swift, informed decision-making!

Black Friday Hourly Reporting

Unleashing the Black Friday Marketing Madness

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and managing your Google Ads campaigns can be challenging. Competition is high and conversion data can be delayed which can mean making the right decisions at the right times can be difficult. Our Black Friday hourly reporting tool can help.

Based on our experience of managing Google Ads accounts for the biggest sporting events of the year, along with perfecting our own ecommerce Black Friday strategies, we have three key things to take into consideration to set you up to succeed.


Automate reporting

Don't waste time pulling reports manually. Automate your reporting so that you have hourly data in a format that you can easily read and understand. It will save you time and allow you to make better decisions more quickly.

We've created a simple Google Script that pulls hourly data for this year, along with 2022 and 2023 data, and exports it to a Google Sheet. In fact, it's helpful starting point for automating your reporting.

Use conversions by conversion time columns

Conversion data can be delayed, making it difficult to gauge how efficient your spending is. However, you can use the conversions by conversion time and conversion value by conversion time columns in Google Ads to get an idea of how your sales are trending YoY.

Subsequently, this information can help make decisions about bidding and budget allocation. For example, if your sales were lagging behind last year at a particular time of day, you may want to take action.

Track performance against hourly forecasts

Gain insight into the anticipated hourly patterns of your activities during the Black Friday week and monitor your performance against these patterns. Utilising historical data is the most effective method for achieving this understanding.

Hence, we've crafted a user-friendly Google Sheet specifically designed for forecasting your performance throughout the weekend. This sheet leverages both your historical data and current trends to generate accurate hour-by-hour forecasts for the entire weekend.


By following these three key takeaways, you can be well on your way to managing successful Google Ads campaigns during Black Friday and we hope that our Google Script and Google Sheet can help! If you’ve got any questions about the script, sheet or anything else Black Friday related feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and help out if we can!

Script Help

  1. Download the script by following this link
  2. Make a copy of the Google sheet in the script
  3. Navigate into your Google Ads account, go to Tools & Settings > Scripts
  4. Create a new script and paste the script into the editor
  5. Follow the instructions on the script

Hint: Schedule the script to run at half past the hour, that way you can confirm that all data has been populated within google ads

  • Forecast year

This is the year used to create the forecasted data

  • Forecast type

This is the amount of data being used to create the forecasted data

3 days (Uses all data in the past 3 days and today to calculate the forecast)

2 days (Uses all data in the past 2 days and today to calculate the forecast)

1 days (Uses all data yesterday and today to calculate the forecast)

Today (Uses all data today to calculate the forecast)

3 hours (Uses data in the past 3 hours to calculate the forecast)

  • Metric

The metric to use within Google Ads

Our Exclusive Black Friday Hourly Reporting Script Download

Our Google script for hourly data retrieval and automated export to Google Sheet – includes data for 2021, 2022, and 2023.